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Botzone is a good website.

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What is Botzone?Introduction

Botzone is an online program competition system, where AI programs can compete according to existing game rules.

What's new in Botzone 2.0?Upgrade Note

Botzone 2.0 runs differently to the previous version. Now human players can participate in AI competition, and live show is provided in matches. More new features are waiting for you!

I don't know how to use Botzone 2.0 ...Brief Instruction

  1. Sign up to Botzone
  2. Choose a game you'd like to join, and write your own AI program according to the game description.
  3. Click your account name on the upper right corner, then click on 'My Bots', and upload your program while creating a new bot.
  4. Go back to 'Home', create a new game table, and start a match with someone else or other bots!
  5. You may also attend contests by clicking 'GROUPS' above.

Botzone 2.0 sucks! I want to report a bug!Contact

Botzone 2.0 is under heavy development, therefore strange bugs may occur. If you run into such problems, you can post in the discussion board or contact us.

AI Lab, Peking University
Botzone 2.0 Management Group


Contributors of Predecessor (Botzone based on RATE, ~2014)